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Posted on 03/28/2021
Is Renting from a Property Owner or a Property Manager Preferable?
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay When inquiring about renting a home or condominium, you may not immediately be aware if the property is being self-managed by the owner or by a property manager or management firm that the owner has hired. There are some benefits and downsides to each. You should first ask who and...
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Posted on 11/09/2020
Owner Services
Owner Services Here at Ahwatukee Property Management, we provide both full and customizable property management services. LEASING SERVICES Internet Advertising Agents available 7 days a week Professional Yard Sign Property listed in MLS Website with Pictures 5 Background Checks Credit Crimminal Sex Offender Evictions Judgements References Check Approved Lease Execution No Up Front Fees Collection Company on Retainer MANAGEMENT...
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